Rotary International Presidential Peace Conference 2018
Rotary International Presidential Peace Conference 2018

Meet the Experts

We are excited to announce some of the confirmed speakers for Development Engineering Processes Forum 2018.

Meet our Speakers

Who should attend

The forum is specifically designed for Council Engineers, Design Engineers and Development Engineers in the Public Works Sector.  

Partnership Opportunities

The IPWEA NSW DEVELOPMENT ENGINEERING PROCESSES FORUM is NSW’s leading Engineering Forum in Public Works.

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Development Engineering Processes Forum 2018

The Forum will highlight old and new processes in Development Engineering. Hear from Councils and Developers who will take you through detailed case studies highlighting how they achieved successful projects by utilising new processes without too much risk. A platform for great debate, discussion and desired outcomes on completing projects more efficiently.

The Forum

  • Leading experts in their field
  • Sub Division and dealing with DA’s, Private Certification and responsibilities of PCA for subdivision works.
  • Taking risk and the circumstances involved if you are prepared for this?
  • Leading Law Firms engage in discussion on Legal Liability and How to Mitigate Risks
  • Stormwater Management including the basics of Stormwater Management, Case Studies, planning for future catastrophes and the potential solutions to stormwater treatment and how public works engineers may look critically at a proposal that needs to meet stormwater quality criteria.
  • Data Standards, Road Standards, Reducing the Red Tape, Data Collection and Roads Reserve
  • How can Councils let Developers innovate with related case studies
  • How can Developers help Councils innovate?
  • A professional and proficient Project Management session on guiding you through methods to enable you to do your job better and more efficiently.

Why you should attend?

  • Broaden your knowledge – Engineering is forever changing. Technology changes. Methods and processes change. Environmental focuses change. Everything changes. And the rate of change is ever-increasing.
  • Cross-pollinate ideas – Engineers love solutions. That’s what we’re all about providing the solutions you need to execute projects more efficiently.
  • Networking – Everyone likes the company of like-minded people and the Forum is a place for you to share your knowledge and discuss the need for change in current processes.
  • Learn, grow and develop your skill base and knowledge as you hear from the experts

The forum is specifically designed for Council Engineers, Design Engineers and Development Engineers in the Public Works Sector. You will walk away with new processes to implement and execute efficiently.

Kind regards

John Roydhouse

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